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All modesty aside, our online display advertising is ingenious stuff


The technology behind online display advertising is highly complex. We created a demand side platform (DSP) ourselves because nothing else in the market met our standards or specifications. It is designed to make your life easier; offering ease of use while outperforming the competition.

Your potential customers could be anywhere at any time – real time bidding (RTB) is key. Our platform covers all your (display) advertising campaigns in one centralized system and makes sure no potential client is overlooked.

Whether your goal is to create brand awareness or to increase your conversion rate by a retargeting campaign, we combine intelligent algorithms and technology to make it happen.

The platform of ORTEC Marketing is especially fast. Within a few seconds, the dashboard is filled with every kind of statistics you would like. You do not have to download an xls or csv file every time to get the details.

Richard SweepFounder RSIM


We are expanding our features as we speak and we are always eager to create new ones based on our clients’ preferences.
We listed a selection of our current features below.


80% of the total internet usage will be on mobile devices by 2018.
So that is where you want to be with your ad.
Desktop, in-app, mobile – you can choose it yourself, or you can let us optimize it for you.


This will especially come in handy if you have a local shop/event, or would like to adjust your ads dynamically based on the location of your customer. It’s the ultimate franchise solution.


Have your ads adjusted to previously viewed products. This ad can be the final push for your potential customer. Can an ad be more effective than when it’s a reminder of the customer’s own interest?


Tell your customers the story of your product. Use multiple ads in a specific order to tell your story. A highly effective method to get their attention, make them interested, show them what they desire and get them to action – it’s next level digital marketing.

Cross Device

One of the features we’re most proud of.
Your potential customer uses multiple devices and your marketing campaign should not ignore that fact. Our in-house developed platform makes sure you can’t. Imagine telling your brand’s story via tablet, phone ánd desktop to the same user!

Rich Media

FloorAds, Expandable, Billboards, Lightbox and Take-overs are some Rich Media examples. Often used for powerful and impactful campaigns on premium sites. Definitely the way to go when brand awareness is your main goal.

Brands love ORTEC

Whether you’re an agency / trading desk or an advertiser, ORTEC provides you with the right set of tools to engage with your audience and scale up your business. From the moment a customer approaches us, a dedicated team gets to work and makes sure they get all the support they need. Ease of use, service and transparency are the key values of ORTEC Marketing. We, too, hate black boxes.

The platform shows you exactly how your media budget is spent and how your campaign is performing. We will guide you through setting up a campaign and help you with all the questions you might have, now or anytime.

Ask for a demo and let the magic begin

Marketing tools and services of ORTEC Marketing will take your marketing strategy to the next level.
Keep exploring 😀

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AdWords Bid Optimizer

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This tool optimizes all of your bids in a blink of an eye.

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Budget Optimizer

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We do.

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Other projects

Other Projects

Chatbots, face detection, data portal, you name it! We love trying new stuff with data. Do you know how to handle your data in the best way?  

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Will be here soon :).