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Half of your money is wasted, we know which half. 


Allocation of your media budget to the right channels is a complex puzzle. Today’s consumers are exposed to an increasing and fragmented number of touch points across media channels.
What is the effect of offline media like TV, Radio and Out-Of-Home? Why should you invest in display campaigns? Should you spend more on Facebook Advertising? How do the channels affect each other?
The combination of different ad exposures makes it complex to determine where to spend your marketing budget.

Our goal is to help you get the most out of your marketing budget by solving the “budget allocation” puzzle.

The unique ORTEC conversion attribution model helps you to determine where to spend your money and make predictions of the expected conversions and/or sales. We collect your offline and online data, activate the machine and show you the contribution of all your marketing channels. You can test different scenarios before actually spending your money.

Our forecasts are more than 89% accurate and your conversions increase with 5-20% with the same budget.

To get to meaningful data, we need a robust infrastructure, math, data science, and artificial intelligence: this is what ORTEC knows all about.

Thijs MullerCEO Havas Media


We are expanding our features as we speak and we are always eager to create new ones based on our clients’ preferences.
We listed a selection of our current features below.


No last click, no first click. We compute the actual, true conversion attribution.  The incremental effects of marketing channels are compared by the touch points of customer journeys along with their differences in conversion rates. That’s how you do conversion attribution.


Is your TV budget fixed? Would you like to know what is optimal for your other channels if you do an extra display advertising campaign? The dashboard allows you to optimize for all sorts of scenarios and let you pick the one that fits to your strategy.

Easy to use

The most relevant information at first sight, that’s how we designed our interface. Common user journeys, trends,  conversion attribution of your channels, and more. Every useful insight at one place.

Brands love ORTEC

Whether you’re an agency / trading desk or an advertiser, ORTEC provides you with the right set of tools to engage with your audience and scale up your business. From the moment a customer approaches us, a dedicated team gets to work and makes sure they get all the support they need. Ease of use, service and transparency are the key values of ORTEC Marketing. We, too, hate black boxes.

The platform shows you exactly how your media budget is spent and how your campaign is performing. We will guide you through setting up a campaign and help you with all the questions you might have, now or anytime.

Ask for a demo and let the magic begin

Marketing tools and services of ORTEC Marketing will take your marketing strategy to the next level.
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Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Reach your customer at the right place on the right time with programmatic buying.

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AdWords Bid Optimizer

Safe hours of work by automatically updating your AdWords bids.
This tool optimizes all of your bids in a blink of an eye.

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Other projects

Other Projects

Chatbots, face detection, data portal, you name it! We love trying new stuff with data. Do you know how to handle your data in the best way?  

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