AdWords Bid Optimizer

Neat performance, independent of Google, what’s not to like?

Yup, you found an AdWords bid optimizer with a neat performance which is not related to Google.
We developed a tool that optimizes your AdWords bids in a matter of seconds. Just hit the ‘upload all bids’ button and there you go. You can even choose to automate this process if you like, which means hitting the button is done for you.

Worried that you will no longer be in control of your AdWords campaign? Needless. Of course, this time-efficient tool still lets you make the final call. You can steer on different KPI’s like profit,  number of conversions, and revenue. Plus, if you want to, you can decide upon the bids on a detailed level.

How do we do it? This AdWords bid optimizer is based on a statistical model that combines data about the CTR, ad position, and conversion rate to determine the optimal bid. We only need five weeks of AdWords data to do the trick.

ORTEC Marketing has the skills and the entrepreneurial mindset to make data work for your company

Tom RomanowskiCEO Kandoor


We are expanding our features as we speak and we are always eager to create new ones based on our clients preferences.
We listed a selection of our current features below.


We understand that you are more interested in some AdWords campaigns than other AdWords campaigns. That is why we make it possible to create ‘watchlists’. The first thing you see when you open the dashboard is the performance of the campaigns you care about most.
Savvy, right?

Different campaign,
different KPI?

Give your campaigns, or groups of campaigns, their own KPI in our dashboard. We will optimize your bids to the corresponding target. Simple as that.

Targeting done right
with specific bidding

Whether you talk AdWords or any other marketing channel, we believe different audiences ask for different bids. Determining different bids however can be really time consuming. By a smart comparison of conversion rates, we optimize for each audience separately, and let you make most out of your campaigns.

Insights on location, time,
and what not.

Apart from performance and ease of use, we believe a quick and clear overview of stats is extremely important. Of course, you do not want to constantly switch between AdWords and your bid optimizer tool. We make sure all nice insights (and more!) of AdWords are visible in our dashboard as well.

Brands love ORTEC

Whether you’re an agency / trading desk or an advertiser, ORTEC provides you with the right set of tools to engage with your audience and scale up your business. From the moment a customer approaches us, a dedicated team gets to work and makes sure they get all the support they need. Ease of use, service and transparency are the key values of ORTEC Marketing. We, too, hate black boxes.

The platform shows you exactly how your media budget is spent and how your campaign is performing. We will guide you through setting up a campaign and help you with all the questions you might have, now or anytime.

Ask for a demo and let the magic begin

Marketing tools and services of ORTEC Marketing will take your marketing strategy to the next level.
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